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    TOPDON AD500S: Waaayyy More Functionality than a Basic OBD2 Scanner
    It is with great enthusiasm that TOPDON is releasing the new-generation automotive scanner ArtiDiag500S, a realization to merge powerful 4 essential system diagnostics with immediate access to 5 service functions into one inspiring solution, yet without the heavy cost. It will be a welcome addition to your toolkit:

    • Designed as an ideal car scanner for any personal use or any mechanic working out of their garage.
    • Extensive vehicle coverage for 90+ US, Asian and European commercial vehicle makes and models. **Reach us to check this diagnostic tool’s compatibility.
    • Deep dive into Engine/ABS/SRS/Transmission systems for a health check; use this car system diagnostic tool to read codes, access plenty of live data for any fault notifications.
    • Performs 5 service functions for Oil/BMS/ABS/DPF Resets and Throttle Adaptation; covering your daily maintenance needs for a fleet of worldwide vehicles.
    • Supports ALL 10 OBD2 test modes for vehicles that match 1996 OBDII/EOBD/JOBD/KOBD/CAN standards.
    • Displays live data in plain text and merged graphs for easy data review and analysis.
    • Configures display options; records and playbacks results with one touch.
    • Prints out recorded data anytime with easy connection to a Windows PC.
    • Android 6.0 makes the operation simple and frustration free; fast boot-up and gives answers without delay.
    • Easy and intuitive button navigation combines with a 5” large touchscreen; makes finding what you need simple and fast.
    • Wi-Fi updates are available in new software releases at NO extra costs for lifetime.

    4 Systems Diagnostics: Protection. Performance. Peace of Mind.
    For Engine
    Quickly read & erase current, permanent, and pending codes in the Engine system;S
    how real-time change of critical data, related with fuel and manufacturer-specific parameters; Turn off the Check Engine Light

    For Antilock Braking System (ABS)
    Diagnose what is causing the ABS lights to prevent wheels from unexpected locking and skidding.
    Read & clear error codes in the ABS system, and turn off the ABS warning light.
    Monitor and playback the real-time data in graphics, including the speed of each wheel, ESP sensors data, Brake assist data, and CAN signals data.

    For Airbag System (SRS)
    Never put your life in danger for SRS malfunction. This SRS scan tool makes sure this crucial safety system will function normally in accidents:
    Access electronic parameters in the airbag system to diagnose troubles, and locate the faulty part.
    With built-in DTC definition library’s help to solve the issue; clear codes; turn off the SRS warning light.

    For Transmission
    To make sure your transmission system collaboratively works with the Engine for safe driving:

    Pull & clear diagnostic codes from the transmission system. 2. Display live data to detect whether the car’s speed and load match its transmission’s output.

    5 Reset Service Functions: Crafted Specifically For Your Garage.
    Oil Reset (compatible with 53 car brands)
    Noticing the maintenance light, or the engine oil indicator shows on in your Honda Civic after just getting an oil change? You’ll need this OBD2 scanner to reset the maintenance minder system. Its Oil Reset function can help reset the oil service light and program oil life change intervals.

    ABS Bleeding (compatible with 34 car brands)
    If you notice the brake pad is softer and less effective, this scan tool could help. Its ABS Bleeding function allows you to perform bi-directional tests to check the operating conditions of Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), and help remove the trapped air from the system.

    DPF Regeneration (compatible with 39 car brands)
    This diagnostic tool can manage DPF regeneration to clear the blockage through continuous burning of the particulates captured in the filter. When a DPF regeneration cycle is completed, the DPF light will automatically go off.

    BMS Reset (compatible with 31 car brands)
    The scan tool can evaluate the battery charge state, and register the new battery replacement. So your car system won't hold the old battery parameters and treat the new battery like an aged one.

    Throttle Adaptation (compatible with 37 car brands)
    Any idea why you are experiencing an aggressive throttle response from the pedal after cleaning the throttle? This scan tool can make initial settings to throttle actuators and so you’ll have smooth driving.

    Easy Diagnostic Data Analysis
    You can pull code with an explanation in detail, instead of looking it up in a book or searching online like using a basic obd2 code reader.

    The live stream supports 4 PIDs customized and combined in a graph for easy data analysis.

    They also can be recorded and played back.

    Back You Up with Feedback
    The Online Feedback, a strong community, offers you access to online assistance from our factory-trained experts.

    Update at No Extra Costs
    Updating this diagnostic scanner is very simple, easily done online by connecting your scan tool wirelessly to the internet via Wi-Fi.

    No monthly or yearly fees are required. Free your wallet from costly renewals which could be hundreds of bucks!

    Large 5” Color Touchscreen
    The scan tool adopts a color LED-backlit screen that is bright and sharp enough to see in any light condition, and the menu is laid out logically to make your job easy.

    The 5” large screen size is beneficial, allowing more information to be visualized at once.

    Frustration-Free Operation
    The diagnostic tool is easy to hold and the screen is very responsive to touch.

    You can either use the selection buttons for busy tasks. They are rubberized, easy to scroll, making navigation smooth even when wearing mechanic gloves.

    Quality Comes with Liability
    What’s in the package: 1*ArtiDiag500S Handset, 1*5V DC Charging Cable, 1*Quick Start Guide, 1*User's Manual

    24/7 ongoing Email consultation service is part of the package deal: we are always at hand for any issues arising from this scan tool’s use.

    Brake the Language Barrier
    The TOPDON AD500S is multilingual. This scan tool supports menus and data displayed in 8 languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, and Italian. You can easily switch the default English into your preference after installing the selected language pack.

    Widely Support Worldwide Cars
    As a feature-packed OBD2 code reader, AD500S is compatible with most OBD2 compliant vehicles after 1996 regardless of the origin. As a 4 systems diagnostic tool, AD500S covers 90+ car manufacturers and 1000+ models including popular cars from Europe, Asia and US.

    Right Tool for Right Job
    If you work in a busy repair shop, then you need this quality diagnostic scanner with reset services to help you deal with a fleet of vehicles. If you are a cost-conscious car enthusiast, you’ll find it rivals dealership-level diagnostic tools preventing faults with your engine and safety systems. Either way, TOPDON AD500S is a great choice.


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