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  • Car Lost Key Matching OBD2/EOBD Functions Bluetooth For DIYer/Locksmiths(Toyota/FCA) TOPKEY

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    Topdon Key Programmer Tool Extra Car Lost Key Matching OBD2/EOBD Functions Bluetooth For DIYer/Locksmiths(Toyota) TOPKEY

    Universally Compatible with TOYOTA Vehicle

    The TOPDON TOPKEY is the ideal key programmer for car owners because of its wide compatibility with car models and makes.

    TOYOTA_BK01: compatible with Toyota, Scion

    *Either scan the QR code to verify that the key blade¡¯s FCC ID and appearance are compatible with your vehicle's make, model and year, or simply reach us to see if this car key programming tool works on your car.

    *Only for vehicles with a traditional turn-key start. This key programmer will NOT work with smart keys.

    Easy Key Programmer with Few Steps to Use

    ¢ÙCut the Key - Go to your locksmiths, hardware stores, or supermarkets to have the included TOPKEY replacement key cut.

    ¢ÚDownload App and Log In - Search "TOP KEY" in App Store or Google Play to find the paired key programming App. Download and install the App. Register and log in.

    ¢ÛConnect the VCI to App - Plug the dongle into your vehicle¡¯s OBDII (on-board diagnostic) port. Set up the Bluetooth connection in TOPKEY App to wirelessly bind the dongle with your mobile device. *Blue LED indicates the successful BT connection.

    ¢ÜFire up the App. Download the matched car software and this car key programming tool is ready to use.

    Your Key Programmer in the Pocket

    Offering powerful functions alongside a portable design, this key programmer is aimed at cost-conscious DIYers and automotive locksmiths who want a wire-free experience and hassle-free key programming procedures:

    ¢ÙCompatible with Most Smart Mobile Devices - Tablets or smartphones? Android or iOS? It¡¯s your call.

    ¢ÚAdd Keys (Key Learning) - Generate an extra car key if losing an original; but at least ONE existing car key, already paired to your vehicle, is necessary to have.

    ¢ÛAdd Remote Control (Remote Control Matching & Learning) - Generate car remote control replacements if losing an original.

    ¢ÜCheck Available Keys - Know the available numbers of keys in your car system, making sure the lost car key is disabled for security.

    ¢ÝFull OBD2/EOBD Functions - Help switch off check engine light, pass the smog test, and keep the engine at peak performance.

    ¢ÞClear IMMO Fault Code - Complete the key programming procedure, making sure the IMMO system comes back to normal status.

    ¢ßEmission-related Active Tests - Effectively test component functional status on demand without using the vehicle¡¯s control.

    ¢àVCI & Vehicle Management - Keep the activated VCIs¡¯ data and vehicle information well organized.

    Add Key & Remote Control Now is DIY

    A dealer can get replacement keys for you, but it may take days to create the copy. Now you can have our simple key programming system ¡°TOPKEY dongle + app¡± to guide you through auto key programming via the OBD port. The process is as simple as opening a smartphone App:

    ¢ÙMake sure that your network is available. Download the target car manufacturer software.

    ¢ÚStart the ¡°Key Matching¡± procedure, and begin to add an extra key, or an extra remote control.

    ¢ÛJust follow the instructions on the app to complete the operation.

    ¢ÜClear the IMMO fault code after the key or remote control replacement programming work.

    ¢ÝMost vehicle keys are programmed within 10 minutes, and many are finished even faster.

    *The process can vary by car¡¯s specifics (make, model and year).

    Complete OBDII/EOBD Functions

    ¢ÙRead Codes - show the fault codes associated with Check Engine Light.

    ¢ÚClear Codes - turn off Check Engine Light after servicing and repairing

    ¢ÛLive Data - know how the car is performing.

    ¢ÜI/M Readiness - know if the car is ready for the emissions test.

    ¢ÝFreeze Frame - see what happened when the fault code was set.

    ¢ÞO2 Sensor Test - check fuel efficiency and emission status.

    ¢ßOn-board Monitor Test - determine if some specific components or the monitors are normal.

    ¢àEVAP Test (Mode 8) - for fuel tank system (carbon canister test).

    Vehicle Info. - track car details and historical records.

    ¢áDTC Definition - show the definition directly; save the search online.

    ¢âAlong with the emission-related components Active Tests to help you effectively catch potential problems before they cost you a fortune.

    Check Available Keys

    If you have no idea if the lost key is still available for your car or not, the ¡°number of keys¡± function will give you peace of mind by revealing the total number of car keys in the system. Then you can take precautions for security.

    Clear Fault Codes

    You can use this key programming tool as an OBD2 scanner to read & clear check engine fault codes to switch off the annoying engine light on the dashboard.More, we thoughtfully add ¡°Clear Fault Code¡± in the ¡°Add Key¡± function module for you to restore the IMMO system function after the key programming procedure.

    Comes with a Full Package

    ¢Ù1*TOPKEY VCI (dongle)

    ¢Ú1*Car Key Replacement

    ¢Û1*User Manual